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It did it again, I got a photo this time. About 30 seconds after starting the car and moving off, while doing about 20mph.

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More people need to know about the "tabular numbers" feature that modern fonts have

Use it to make numbers to line up with a UI font (or anything not monospace)

CSS: font-feature-settings: tnum
SwiftUI: .font(.body.monospacedDigit())

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I’m gonna be real I’m not a fan of this while sleeping on hard wood floors thing. I need a bed really badly. My the sims plumbob diamond thing above my head is fucking red from not getting a lot of sleep. I’m about to shit my pants and curl up and die crying.
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1990s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Watch framework of site gradually appear
- Start reading site text
- View images once they load
- Click a hyperlink to more information on the thing you're looking for

2020s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Wait for Cloudflare to verify you aren't a bot
- Wait for background movie to load
- Dismiss cookie popup
- Decline to subscribe to their mailing list
- Decline to speak to a chatbot that promises it's a human
- Scroll infinitely looking for the information you want that's probably not there since it's all generated text intended for other robots to read anyway

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@piggo captcha but instead of using human answers to train AI, you use AI-generated images to train humans

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If you ever design an authorization system for something as complex as AWS, please for the love of god provide a way to enumerate

- all subjects that are allowed to do a particular action on a specific object
- all objects on which a particular action can be done by a specific subject

Ideally it'd be like a good prolog program - if it can do predicate(x, y, z) -> bool, then it can also find all possible values of any of x, y, z, given the other two arguments

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its breadphobic that the only bread in unicode is the soulless american sandwich bread 🍞

Finally, audio on the back of the B650I broke in the latest BIOS, F5b.

That is a beta version. Yet I was advised to upgrade in the support ticket to see if the funny UI thing was still there.

Version F5b is the only BIOS that Gigabyte publishes for this board with the latest AMD AGESA to avoid damage to Ryzen 7000 CPUs from wacky SoC voltages. As Gigabyte's BIOS resists attempts at configuring a reasonable or deterministic SoC voltage on its own or through user request youtu.be/O2n4rOWehtQ

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Also, Gigabyte embeds an "overclocking guide" [1] on their product page for the B650I motherboard. But that guide uses a different Gigabyte motherboard and uses features (asynchronous eCLK) not on the B650I.

Their support said:

> OC Guide is just a reference for some guideline, it doesn't mean the settings will be the same as on the video is the X670 board.

Seems weird to advertise features of their X670E Aorus Master on the product page for the B650I Aorus Ultra.

[1] youtu.be/yXU1FJxbToY

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I showed this to Gigabyte Support and they asked why I was
pushing those keys; they aren't listed in the manual.

I told them that `home` and `end` are typical UI
shortcuts for selecting the first and last element of a list.

Gigabyte Support told me not to push those keys since they
aren't supported. 😐

I'm not sure if they think the current behaviour is okay? Software probably shouldn't do _whatever_ if a user hits a key that has no specified behaviour. Could be a language barrier thing.

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The Gigabyte B650I motherboard has been a bit wacky though.

There was an little bit of UI jank in their BIOS.

If you hit `home` on the main menu it moves your cursor to the first item in the list. But pressing `home` inside of the "Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers" popup moves the cursor on the menu _behind_ the popup; and subsequent keypresses navigate that list behind the popup instead of inside the popup.

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I built my first Mini-ITX a few weeks ago and had a really fun time.

I posted a write-up on PCPartPicker here: pcpartpicker.com/b/9pz7YJ

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Here's a fun new feature we are working on in systemd: userspace-only reboot. In order to reduce grey-out times on image-based OS updates to next to nothing we are making a reboot happen where kernel stays as it is, but userspace shuts down as usual, then possibly transitions into a new rootfs, and starts up again with an initial transaction as it would on a classic system boot. During the transition selected services can pass along their fds and listening sockets, to pass "live" resources…

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Who named it Podman Desktop for MacOS and not iPodman

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