@hob bread day with my rye sourdough starter but ran out of rye so was a lot of regular wheat in the dough

im bad at scoring bread, i thought i cut it up pretty good but clearly no ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the plastic clips on my headphones that held the ear bits to the head band broke so i got someone in town to 3d print some replacements

they wanted sexi pix of the clips so i took some and i'm showing them off here too. they're nice and don't seem scratchy like a lot of printed things. yay

Trying to baguette. @hob

Half rye and half whole wheat and a lot of "vital wheat gluten" which seems like a cheat code for making bread.

New to rye and baguettes. Went up to 94% hydration this time but that still seems low. Also the crust could be more crunchy but idk how to fix that.

I ate two thirds of a loaf in one sitting and I think I'm going to die.

FYI, some parts of iproute2 support -color and -json options.

One thing I enjoy is filling email address fields with root@localhost whenever I'm prompted to sign up for a newsletter without my asking.

It probably doesn't do anything, but I like to imagine that a machine somewhere at tomshardware has an inbox full of their own spam.


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