@piggo i dunno shit about electronics but i got a sensor for co2 and temperature and moisture a while ago and am waiting on a frend to get a soldering iron for christmas so i can use it to wire the sensor to an arduino

So itll be interesting comparing charts if i ever get mine to work

@piggo also iirc wg-quick up down doesnt reconfigure everything maybe, i think i had to delete the interface to reset it after changing some settings. But idk its been a long time since ive done computer

@piggo there is a way to get debug stuff in dmesg that helps a bit sometimes

echo module wireguard +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control

@piggo nice apple core

unrelated but what keyboard do you use and do you recommend/like it?

@piggo also baked in a dutch oven with lid on for ~20m and then lid off for ~10m but maybe you already do that idk

@piggo sourdough, with just regular wheat flour because i ran out of whole flour, its nice for french bread

@piggo maybe the websocket server wants you to ping it

@norm also
on fedora

@piggo o i just install sassc from my package manager so that i don't have to try new things

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