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FYI You can nest <details> tags within <ul> and vice versa to create a collapsible tree menu without JS or CSS


@wolf480pl @sir who tf doesn't always eat all the pizza in one sitting

@sir @ash @fmartingr

This is roughly what I intended to ask about. My personal website isn't much of a target and nothing happens if it goes down.

But if I ran a business I might be more concerned. Particularly of attacks that aren't application layer where if your ingress is saturated you maybe can't access the machines on your network. But maybe that never happens except for high-profile, maximum-drama sites.

@sir @0x00 @fmartingr I thought the appeal of cloudflare, at least originally, was DoS protection? Alternatively, do most datacentres do this anyway or are there good ways to do that with free software?

@sir have you blogged about this or anything plan 9 related at all? Every time I see it come up everyone says it's amazing and that everyone has to try it but nobody says why they they think it's amazing.

If you're a company, here's a tip. A great way to show that you hate someone is to require they register an account on your website in order to submit an application to a job you've posted.

@u@pyyython.org I think mine does but not when I visit your instance. Maybe dates and times are rendered in the web interface according to the system locale of the host.

@strypey I set up my instance for my family to try to get them off of something closed.

After following someone from another instance, I was surprised by the affects that had to the federated timeline for other accounts on my instance.

If hadn't noticed, it's possible that, to this day, my somewhat traditional parents might still be inundated with anthropomorphic cartoon animals and assorted owo.

@sir one of my favourite talks is called Narcissistic Design by Stuart Halloway and he mentions using tests as a way expand the contract by inventing a bunch of ways to use it for which it was never intended. It's a great way to over-engineer without getting in trouble because nobody questions you for writing tests.

@Wolf480pl I believe it logs a warning or error or something to the journal when running daemon-reload or whatever.

<insert joke about plans for Arthur Dent's house being demolished being “on display” in a locked cabinet in the basement of city hall>

@sir this happened to me. I contacted their support and they removed the suspension. Apparently it's automatic triggered by registrations from uncommon domain names. Because spam or something. It's quite annoying.

@riking @kline @href If it doesn't need to be very complicated/support all of IRC you could just make a TCP connection and do a bit of string finagling. But, having no experience with Erlang I don't know if that's actually as simple as you'd like.

@kline Either I guess. I don't know much about the languages, but they've seemed cool when I've glanced at them. Unsatisfying libraries can be a real bummer; that's a gripe I have with Rust.

Do you use Elixir? Isn't it the new hotness?

Sean Carroll's podcast is full of good conversations about interesting subjects. This one particularly so to me & this audience.

I grew up hearing from people (like Eben Moglen) about the importance of free software and federated networks for our freedom and privacy. But, since then, I've gotten the impression that normal people don't care. They don't worry or think about their relationship to the operators of the networks. Hearing these ideas come up in a more current form is refreshing.

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Sean Carroll hosted a very interesting interview with Cory Doctorow about technology, federation, law, socialization, and information.

I thought it was quite interesting.

It's 78 minutes long; you can find it at preposterousuniverse.com/podca

@sir Python doctests are kinda cool. Good ones double as examples to explain to users what a function does.

But it's real easy to write bad tests especially if you're compelled to in order to meet some coverage goal.

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