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> How am I supposed to know that it's a quote? You can't.

Im sure people take this very seriously but it kind of reads like a joke @ConnyDuck

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`sudo chown -R $(id -u) /usr/lib` to own the libs

@piggo idk how it handles multiple peers. I have mine set up server client. On my phone i add my server as a device to connect to.

When you add folders to sync there is a setting for send or receive only for source of truth thing.

But also it says it periodically scans entire directories hourly (by default) for changes (in addition to filesystem events) and that sounds weird. Why does it need to scan? Is the event thing buggy or race conditions? Sounds like a waste of battery idk

@piggo there's like eight ways programs autostart like a notification goes through dbus so dbus will start a notification daemon, or systemd user services but I don't think anybody uses those, or your desktop environment starts them (you can do this with `exec` in ~/.config/i3/config)

But when I started using i3 I was using mate-session so things ran like mate and I could use its GUI control panel but I didn't use its window manager.

@piggo with the first two things, there's a program that gnome starts called gnome-session (or mate-session if you are using mate) or something that will do a bunch of stuff. Like if you have mouse settings or something set up in the gnome settings it applies those maybe. And I bet it starts things that are configured in gnome's autostart like maybe nextcloud.

So you could start gnome-session yourself but also maybe don't unless you are prepared to log off in case it does something wild.

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@hob bread day with my rye sourdough starter but ran out of rye so was a lot of regular wheat in the dough

im bad at scoring bread, i thought i cut it up pretty good but clearly no ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the plastic clips on my headphones that held the ear bits to the head band broke so i got someone in town to 3d print some replacements

they wanted sexi pix of the clips so i took some and i'm showing them off here too. they're nice and don't seem scratchy like a lot of printed things. yay

@siina well hek, i think its related to auto-updating in the background, which you may be able to turn off.

I'm pretty sure theres someone whos job it is to make that 'needs to restart' thing happen at the worst time.

@siina doesn't this only happen on nightly or beta releases?

@martijnbraam what is your pizza oven made out of? Brick? How do i get one?

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@ConnyDuck @aslmx @kuketzblog ya but i dont see why this would happen from musk buying twitter

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